Call for 2017 Award Nominations

The Association of Historical Societies of New Hampshire is pleased to welcome nominations for its Local History Awards. The awards recognize outstanding work of organizations and individuals seeking to preserve, interpret, and/or promote appreciation and understanding of an aspect of New Hampshire history. The Association's mission is to encourage and assist in the study, preservation, and understanding of New Hampshire’s history.

For details on the Association's award guidelines and nomination and submission process, please download the Association's 2017 announcement and Nomination Form.


Any individual, group, or organization that has furthered the preservation, interpretation and/or promotion of appreciation and understanding of an aspect of New Hampshire history is eligible to be nominated for an Association award. The Association encourages historical societies, museums, and private individuals to nominate themselves or others.

Award Criteria

The Awards Selection Committee of the Association will consider the following:

  1. Significance or impact of undertaking on a community, region or the state of New Hampshire
  2. Use of professional practice, volunteer engagement, and degree of support
  3. Projects (or people) that act as a model for others seeking to preserve and interpret local history (excluding building preservation projects)

Awards may be given in any or all of the four categories in a given year. The Association reserves the right to move a nomination into another category if the supporting materials so warrant. All decisions of the Selection Committee are final.

Award Categories

The Association will award excellence in the following categories:

  • Research/Documentation—including archival work and genealogy.
  • Collections Management—including acquisitions, stewardship and/or preservation. The Association does not award projects involving building restoration.
  • Public Education/Public Programs—including publications and school programs
  • Lifetime Achievement— the Selection Committee will also consider applications for lifetime achievement to be given to an individual who has displayed outstanding volunteer commitment and contributed to state or local history in a substantial way that may be a model for others.

Deadline & Submission Info

Applications are due September 23, 2017. Complete and mail five (5) copies of this form and five (5) copies of supporting materials to: Association of Historical Societies of New Hampshire, Awards Committee, 75 South Main Street, Unit 7, PMB 101, Concord, NH 03301. Nominations must be postmarked September 23, 2017.

Questions? Contact Jennifer Carroll, or 603-352-1895.
Awards will be announced at the Association’s annual meeting in October.