Joining the Association

The primary focus for the Association is providing support for leaders of organizations with an interest in New Hampshire history. Our membership consists of both organizations and individuals, and we encourage anyone who is interested in the rich history of the Granite State to join the Association.

To join, please complete a membership form and submit to the Association with your annual membership fee. Membership rates are as follows:

  • Individual (does not include directory listing): $5/year
  • Organization (includes directory listing): $10/year

Your membership donation supports the Association in its work. 

Programs and Benefits

The Association holds its annual meeting each October, and presents the AHSNH Awards for Local History on that occasion. The Association also publishes and maintains an online Directory of Historical Societies of New Hampshire and Other Historical Resources. Using website posts, email, and direct mail, the Association also promotes events and professional development opportunities for colleagues working in the field of New Hampshire history.

The Association provides these resources in support of organizations promoting the study, preservation, and understanding of New Hampshire history.